Acknowledgement: This is not a proposal!
Rather than stating what we intend to do – the linear process of an idea that generates design – we want to involve you as the reader in our process of creation, which starts with the processing of information and the intent to frame and identify the actors that will be involved in our project. That involves you, the PS1, us, this page, the midterm elections, the fact that more women than ever are in congress while a caravan of migrants is moving through our country with the intent to cross into the United States, that we have to take care of my brother’s insufferable dog today and that we know a lot more about the process of distilling Mezcal than about Queens. In December, our newly elected president will be sworn in with the promise of a 4th transformation, a peaceful revolution of sorts, that has already taken shape by cancelling a mega airport and with-it modernity’s promise of progress.

Change is in the air!

Our process is one of aggregation, where ideas are driven by the tools of design. By materials, by textures. We feel reluctant to say more, to show an idea before it materializes, but we would like to challenge the way architecture deals with context. We won’t be contextual! We will produce something with the capacity to be politically and socially disruptive, something that allows itself to be foreign, and that can be recognized as such. It is time to make space for the outsider. It is time to tear down the walls, to allow in that which we don’t recognize and allow it to create a dialogue. A dialogue that starts with that architecture object (whatever it maybe). This is the time for the questions, the answers come through the design. Through the making of that object.

As a hint, our portfolio presents three projects that can best illustrate how we will interact with the problems posed by YAP.

First, With Love From The Tropics, a third space, a transposition of a park onto a museum.

Second, Pavilion Of Hotel Palenque is not in Yucatan. Can we re-read history through its architectural elements?

And finally, Archivo Pavilion, a clay pot, from the most dated, prehistorically used material, that is still used and replicated, what does that do to an object? Is it enough just to place an alien object? What makes it alien?

This is not a proposal! But it can become one and if successful it is going to be one or many objects that constitute something other, that doesn´t quite fit, but chooses to interact. Something that can break and then be taken, that moves with the bodies that inhabit it, that disregards the linear ways of reading history by purposefully transposing them. That asks and has no answers.
This is not a statement! This is a brief exposure of the wrenching process of formulating the materialization of a project.


This is not a Proposal, Ciudad de México 2018
Moma PS1 Portofolio Statement

Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo, Mecky Reuss, Adriana Carlos