“Mexico City-based architecture firm Pedro y Juana (Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and Mecky Reuss) created the site-specific installation From the Tropics with Love for the Commons. The installation includes an urban garden consisting of 221 planters and lamps (named Brunhilde, Olivia, and Antonia), hardy indoor plants, a collapsible stage, and a suite of multifunctional furniture that can be dismantled and stored on the wall. The work subverts the reality of Chicago’s harsh climate in the city by bringing the summer indoors year-round and disrupts the traditional austerity of the museum space, welcoming the visitor with color, humor, and a sense of play.”

“We imagine the Commons as an egalitarian space in constant motion that creates a lingering sensation that something unexpected is about to happen at all times; a space that triggers imagination and provides a place for reflection.”

– Pedro&Juana 2017