A sound, a bird, a knot in the wood – the wall of green, the colour of feathers and visions of nature in ecstasy – it’s the mud, it’s the mud: Jungle and the tropics can be many different things at the same time, leading to cinematic experiences that defy hierarchy and happen all together at once. Finding yourself in the middle of something you can’t really scale or tame is the ultimate invite to togetherness. It’s your Fitzcarraldo moment, a kidnapped Caruso record being played out at the highest volume to a big crowd of plants older than god.
In 2019 the jungle came to Queens, NY in the form of Hórama Rama and catapulted visitors of MoMa PS1 into uncharted territory. The gray concrete, gray gravel, gray everything courtyard took the form of a large-scale cyclorama featuring multicoloured glimpses of a world-within-a-world. Protruding wood „bristles“ set the scene for this all-surrounding structure. On its inside the installation creates manifold views, offers hammocks by the waterfall and gives space to lose oneself in a vivid environment, that radically differs from the surrounding developments in Queens.
In Hórama rama linear narratives and set borders cease to exist and things start to create a moving, merging mess and really come together.

B.Hartwig / ± 30ft


Horama Rama es un ciclorama, 12m de alto, 27m de gordo—una imagen panorámica flotando encima de los patios del PS1 que reenmarca el horizonte y catapulta los visitantes a la jungla.

Hórama Rama, by Pedro&Juana, is the winner of the 2019 Young Architects Program at The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1, New York.

Project Leaders: Ana Paula Ruiz Galindo and Mecky Reuss
Team P&J: Adriana Carlos, Vani Monjaraz

Scaffold: Swing Staging
Hair Modules Installers: SFDS
Jungle Panels: Grupo Mega Rotulación, Querétaro City, Qro, Mexico
Fabrication Volunteers (hair module builders):
Zachary Enesi Mulitauaopele, Stephan Anton van Eeden, Juan Pablo Uribe, Valeria Paez Cala, Sadie Dempsey, Julia Di Pietro, Cirus Henry, Naitian Yang, Mireya Fabregas, Marcell Aurel Sandor, Christine Giorgio, Shane Algiere, Shane Algiere, Kevin Savillon, Bennett Kociak, Nicolas Carmona, Sidney Hoskulds-Linet
Hausmeisterservice: Cage&Cave
Structural Engineer: Arup Structures, Shaina Saporta, Victoria Valencia, James Angevine
Lighting: Arup Lighting, Kristen Garibaldi, Xena Petkanas, Haniyeh Mirdamadi; Lighting bulbs donated by, Electric Lighting Agencies
Waterfall Consultant: Jenna Didier; Arup Plumbing, Allison Spencer
Hammocks: Entre Nudos Merida, Yu, Mexico
Lumber: Lenoble Lumber, Claudy Narchet (sales)
Model: Julia DiPietro, Yuki Nakayama
General Contractor: Fahey Design Build; Michael Fahey, AIA, Christine Fahey, Michael Kreha

Special Thanks to:
José Esparza Chong Cuy; Ana Karen Orozco Ramirez, Carlos Verástegui Hernández; Carolina Vales, Joanna Ruiz Galindo, Jennie Gutérrez; Roel Schierbeek; Irene Sunwoo; Sarah Herda; Maricris Herrera; Christian Pineda; Sebastian Reuss; Nile Greenberg; Robert Herrmann; Sean Anderson, Arièle Dionne-Krosnick, Angela Goding and the staff at MoMA and MoMA PS1; Gianna Paola at Manducatis Rustica for keeping us fed throughout the install; For their valuable advice: Pavel Escobedo, Andres Jaque, David Benjamin, Mimi Hoang, Amale Andraos and Art Domanty; To our families and friends for their continuous support; To all our volunteers that made this project possible.
Additional Support provided by Maestro Dobel Tequila and Mezcal
Creyente, Los Tacos No. 1, MCINY (Mexican Cultural Institute of NY) and
SRE (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, México), and SCI-Arc.

Photos by:
Pablo Enriquez